Atlas Shingles

Emporia's only Certified Atlas ProTM Installer

Why should you choose Atlas Shingles?

At Moore Roofing, we install Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine and StormMaster® Core4 shingles. Both offer the curb appeal you’re looking for with the lifetime protection your home deserves.

From high wind damage to black streaks caused by algae, all Atlas shingles are backed by industry-leading warranty coverage.

The Pinnacle Pristine® shingles have 19 long-lasting colors to choose from, and StormMaster® shingles come in 6-10 colors depending on the style.

If you're looking for the ultimate in protection, choose the StormMaster® shingles. They're class 4, which means they're high impact resistant. StormMaster® shingles offer the highest level protection from Kansas wind and hail, and can even save you up to 25% on your home insurance premiums!

What is the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System?

StormMaster® and Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles can be installed as part of a complete Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System. When we install a complete system, all of the components are designed and backed by an Atlas warranty, including:

  1. Atlas WeatherMaster® Ice & Water Underlayment
  2. Atlas Premium Underlayment
  3. Atlas Pro-Cut® Starter Shingles
  4. Atlas Roof Shingles
  5. Atlas Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge Shingles

All Atlas Shingles offer a lifetime warranty, high wind resistance, and ScotchGard for long lasting beauty and durability.

Quality Shingles

Be confident in your purchase with a long-lasting Lifetime Limited Warranty. Plus, both our Pinnacle Pristine® and StormMaster® shingles have non-prorated Premium Protection for 15 years.

Wind Resistance

Get up to 130mph wind resistance on Pinnacle Pristine® and 150mph on StormMaster® Shingles.

Lifetime ScotchGard

Maintain your home with a roof that looks beautiful for years by resisting the black streaks caused by algae.

Atlas StormMaster® Shingles offer additional impact resistance with a Class 4 rating

Insurance companies love Class 4 shingles

Because of the durability and longer lifespan, insurance companies prefer Class 4 shingles in regions that experience significant storm damage or harsh conditions (like Kansas).

A Class 4 roofing system can save you up to 25% on your home insurance premiums. You'll save money year after year, AND your roof will last longer and protect your home better.


Ready to see what Atlas Shingles could like on your home?

Moore Roofing is an Independent Roofing Contractor, not an Employee or Agent of Atlas Roofing Corporation.