A new roof, without the mess

Experience the advantage of our No Mess Guarantee

Whether you’ve previously had a new roof installed or you’ve watched neighbors go through it, you’re probably familiar with the mess of conventional roof replacement. Piles of debris and scraps everywhere. Wear tear on your flowers and shrubbery. Dinged A/C units. That's what you're bound to get when you hire most roofing companies. Moore Roofing has the solution to prevent this damage to your home, and save time in the process.

Specialized Equipment

Moore Roofing utilizes a piece of specialized equipment called the Equipter. It’s a compact, self-propelled container that we position next to your home, which can be raised up to 12 feet high. As we remove old shingles and nails, we drop them right into the Equipter rather than tossing the mess onto your lawn and landscaping beds. Our job sites are then cleared away of debris every day.

Faster Installation

Since the Equipter significantly cuts down on clean-up time, your roof can be installed more quickly. With the Equipter, your entire project is faster from start to finish.

specialized equipment for clean removal of roofing debris

No Mess. No Damage. No Surprises.

roofers installing a new roof
roofers cleaning debris using equipter
equipter dumping shingles into truck

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